BLIMUN 2015 Secretariat Group

Secretary-General: David-Jan
Organizer assisting the Secretariat: Lukas
Head of Concept: Pavel

Head-Chair: Ina
Co-Chair: Julia

Security Council
Head-Chair: Bojan
Co-Chair: Mariya

Human Rights Council
Head-Chair: Petar
Co-Chair: Mariela

David – Secretary-General

davidDavid-Jan Bosschaert is a young Belgian-Filipino legal scholar and historian. Stemming from an international background, he mastered different languages at a very early age, and never ceased to develop these skills ever since.

David takes an active interest in international politics and has been a multiple MUN participant in several capacities, ranging from delegate to Secretary-General. In the past he also helped to organize six editions of the Belgian Youth Parliament, which brought him to his current posting as Vice president of the Flemish Youth Parliament.

Having graduated from university last year, David now finds himself amongst the alumni of KULMUN, his university’s MUN team. He nevertheless greatly enjoys himself as the only long-term Legal service trainee at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), and continues to chair at many MUNs abroad, including OxIMUN 2014, CUIMUN 2014, LIMUN 2015 and of course KULMUN 2015.

Beside his involvement in politics he spends his free time as an pianist and as a conductor of a Polish amateur choir in Belgium.

Ina – Head-Chair (ECOSOC)

inaIna Gjika is a fourth year student at AUBG majoring in Business Administration and Political Science and minoring in Economics. She loves reading books from different styles, especially thriller novels. One of her favorite authors is Dan Brown. Ina is also passionate about dancing and travelling. She considers these as exciting, yet relaxing hobbies.

Ina’s experience with BLIMUN starts from her freshman year, where she participated as a delegate of Japan in the General Assembly (GA). It continues in her second year as a representative of the USA in the GA, and as a chair of Security Council a year after. Both experiences as a chair and as a delegate have been educative, socially dynamic and strongly recommended to pursue. In this BLIMUN edition, Ina will be chairing ECOSOC. She is looking forward to welcoming the BLIMUN 2015 delegates and expecting productive discussions during the sessions.

Julia – Co-Chair (ECOSOC)

Iuliia Shirinkina is a second-year student in American University in Bulgaria. She is double majoring in Business Administration and Journalism and Mass Communications.julia

Iuliia attended her first political simulation in Fall of 2013. She visited BEUM, the model of European Union in Serbia, presenting the opinions of the famous German political party. After that event, she got interested in models of EU and UN held by different universities and student organizations. Moreover, Iuliia took part in BLIMUN 2014 held by American University in Bulgaria and represented Italy as part of the General Assembly Committee. The unique experience that she received from attending those simulations gave her a chance to join the organizing team of BLIMUN as a co-chair of ECOSOC. Iuliia is highly interested in the topic given to that committee this year and hopes that the delegates will share her enthusiasm.

Iuliia is an active member of Ambassadors Club since fall 2013. Since that time, she has worked with prospective students of AUBG, professors from other universities, and guests of the university. In her spare time, Iuliia enjoys drawing landscapes and flowers. She also loves cooking, and she used to be a part of the Bon Appétit Club in AUBG in 2013. Iuliia is also interested in traveling. She has traveled a lot with her family and friends and visited the most famous cities in Russia and most of European capitals.

Iuliia is excited to meet the delegates and make friends with them. She waiting for fruitful debate in ECOSOC.

Bojan – Head-Chair (Security Council)

bojanBojan Mladenovski is a fourth year student at the American University in Bulgaria, majoring in International Relations and Political Science and European Studies. This is his fourth year as an Organizer of BLIMUN, and he believes that being part of the BLIMUN is one of the most amazing experiences that marked his period as a college student. His biggest passion is travelling and he cannot wait to meet the honorable delegates and learn more about their home countries. During his free time, he enjoys reading novels, watching movies and following politics. Bojan is excited to be part of the Advisory Board of BLIMUN this year and he looks forward to meeting everyone in February.

Mariva – Co-Chair (Security Council)

mariMariya is a Junior at the American University in Bulgaria double majoring in History and Literature with a minor in Political Science. She is honored to have been invited to co-chair the Security Council for this year’s conference and looks forward to meeting all the delegates who will take part. Mariya has a passion for reading, writing and singing and in her free time enjoys a coffee along with a good book. She was also a delegate in last year’s BLIMUN conference and believes this year will bring even more positive experiences! On campus, Mariya is involved in the Cooking Club, Writing Center and likes to participate in the plays put on in the University theatre. Bon Voyage!

Petar – Head-Chair (Human Rights Council)

Petar is a thipetarrd-year student at the American University in Bulgaria, who is majoring in European Studies and minoring in Political Science. Particular fields of interest for him are EU law, European integration, human rights and development policies. He is also keen on history and geography. Apart from academics, Petar is a sportsman and intensely plays American Football and basketball. As for the area of arts, he has performed in a musical in 2014. His hobbies include cycling, trekking, and reading history books.Petar was first introduced to the MUN world at SOFIMUN in 2012, and has been an active participants in other MUNs and MEUs ever since.

Mariela – Co-Chair (Human Rights Council)

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