Nelly Ovcharova – President

Nelly is a fourth-year student at the American University in Bulgaria. She is majoring in Business Administration, and minoring in Philosophy and Anthropology. Born and raised in Bulgaria, Nelly has discovered her passion for languages and travelling at a very early age. So far, she speaks six languages and looks forward to learning more in the future. At her home university, she is involved in many different student clubs and organizations, and she also writes for the official university magazine. Nelly was first introduced to the MUN world in 2011 by fellow students, and has been active ever since. She has been member of the Organizing Team of BLIMUN for two consecutive years – as Treasurer and Vice-President, and has recently been appointed as the President for the upcoming BLIMUN 2015. Last Spring, she chaired the African Union Committee at MOSTIMUN 2014 and this November, she is slated to chair the SOCHUM Committee at Cambridge University International Model United Nations.

Being the Head of the Organizing Team is both an honor and a huge responsibility for Nelly, and she hopes that each and every delegate will have an amazing time at BLIMUN 2015. Nelly looks forward to meeting many old and new friends in the beautiful town of Blagoevgrad, and to sharing her experience and enthusiasm with the honorable delegates!


Elisaveta Bozhinova – Vice-President, Head of Logistics

Elisaveta Bozhinova is a graduate from the American University in Bulgaria and is currently working in the Office of communications and computing there. She has been part of the BLIMUN organization team since 2011 and is eager to share her knowledge with the new members and meet new delegates. Being part of BLIMUN has helped her grow personally and professionally and give the opportunity to meet many new people from different cultures. She is very excited to face the new challenges that BLIMUN 2015 will present and help make it great.

desiDesislava Urdeva – Logistics Manager

Desislava is a second-year student at the American University in Bulgaria. She is majoring in Business Administration and Political Science, and minoring in European Studies. She was born in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and grew up there. Desislava is a member of the international student organization AIESEC and works in the Career Center Office at her university. She has recently been approved for an ERASMUS exchange program in Germany and looks forward to spend her fourth semester there. In her free time, she practices yoga, draws landscapes, swims, dances and reads. Desislava has been part of two international projects as a student volunteer. In the first one, she was working for the popularization of the Ukrainian culture, and in the second, she taught English to university students in Brasil. Desislava was first introduced to the MUN world in September 2014 when she decided to join the Organizing Team. She is excited about being part of BLIMUN for the first time and expects to learn a lot from the conference.

Elena Georgieva – Head of Financeeli1

Elena is a third-year student at the American University in Bulgaria, double-majoring in Economics and Business Administration. She has a passion for reading novels, exploring new cultures and following financial news. She has an expertise in preparing budgets and managing cash flows due to the fact that she has been a Treasurer at the biggest media on campus, as well as an Intern at an international logistics company. This is her first year as part of the Organizing Team of BLIMUN and her first involvement in a political club. She is looking forward to sharing her experience and meeting the honorable delegates in the beautiful town of Blagoevgrad.

marielaMariela Naydenova – Finance Coordinator

Mariela is a sophomore at AUBG, majoring in Business Administration and Economics. Her interests are very broad and include reading, watching horror movies and going out with friends. A local girl from Blagoevgrad, Mariela is passionate about the political and economic issues regarding the University, as well as, the city. Her plan is to minor in Political Science and International Relations, which will allow her to pursue her passion for politics. Mariela loves organizing stuff and communicating with people, which makes her a truly good match for the BLIMUN team. As a freshman, she participated in the Conference and represented Chile as part of the General Assembly Committee. This year, Mariela will be an official member of the BLIMUN Organizing Team as a Finance Coordinator. Mariela hopes that this position will help her develop her finance interests, as well as meet lots of new friends!

deniDenitsa Pashova – PR and Advertising Manager

Denitsa is going to be the PR and Advertising Manager of the BLIMUN 2015 Conference. A junior, majoring in Business Administration and European Politics and minoring in Fine Arts, she enjoys reading books, playing yoga and going to the Theatre or acting. This is her second year in the Organizing Team of BLIMUN, and she truly believes that the conference is a great way for delegates to put into practice their knowledge and meet new people. She believes that this year‘s conference edition will be amazing and looks forward to learning a lot and meeting new people!

Nikolina Hadzhieva – Fundraising Managernikki

Nikolina is a third-year student at the American University in Bulgaria. She is majoring in Business Administration and Economics. She was born in Bulgaria and raised in Bansko. She has always been interested in Mathematics and she has graduated from the mathematic high school of Blagoevgrad. Nikolina is involved in the Student Ambassadors Club and she is having work-study position in the Event Office of the university. She has always been friendly, enthusiastic, positive, careful and precise. In her free time, Nikolina enjoys traveling, visiting new places and being with her close friends. She is keen on skiing and pilates. She is going to be part of the BLIMUN 2015 Organization Team for the first time and she will be responsible for fund-raising. She is very happy and enthusiastic that she is going to meet new people, establish lifelong friendships and hopes to be useful for the event.

annaAnna Zasheva – Design and Branding Manager

Her name is Anna Zasheva and she is a senior in the American University in Bulgaria. Anna is double majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications and Information Systems. She is interested in any kind of art and especially graphic design, and the classes in AUBG has helped her find her true passion. In her spare time, Anna likes browsing through the different social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and DeviantART where she also shares some of her works. Some of her other passions are drawing and traveling – Anna believes that traveling and getting to know different cultures are the best way for a person to enrich himself/herself. She will be part of the organizing team of BLIMUN for second time and she is really excited about her duties connected with the design and branding of the conference.

Jmediamanagereevan Panesar – Content and Media Manager

Jeevan Panesar is a final year student at Soka University of America, a small liberal arts school in Aliso Viejo, California (forty minutes south of LA). Although he is concentrating in International Relations, he has a wide variety of interests. From HAM Radio operating to DJing College parties, Jeeves is rarely bored. In his spare time, he likes reading and watching documentaries. Always one to be connected to the latest news and trends, he will always have something to say, and with a quick wit, will always try to make you laugh. Other interests include photography, languages, and of course, traveling. He is looking to pursue a career in Journalism currently, with the potential of going into politics or law. Jeeves cannot wait to meet all of you, so do not hesitate to come say hi during the conference, you won’t regret it.

anna2Anna Golub – Editor-in-Chief

Anna is a senior, double majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications and Political Science and International Relations at the American University in Bulgaria. She participated in the General Assembly of BLIMUN 2012 as a delegate and enjoyed it to the fullest. This year she is excited to be part of the BLIMUN Organizing Team and to contribute to the conference organization. She sees international conferences as a chance to build new friendships and travel. Travelling is her passion and inspiration. As Henry Miller said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Anna looks forward to meeting the honorable delegates in the beautiful town of Blagoevgrad!

pavelPavel Kukushkin – Head of Concept

Pavel Kukushkin is a third-year student at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG). He is the Academics Executive at the Model UN Club and he works on the development of formal structure of Blagoevgrad International Model United Nations (BLIMUN) 2015. As a delegate, Pavel has attended several MUN conferences that took place in Russia, Slovakia, Germany and Italy, and he also co-chaired at BLIMUN 2013.

Pavel is studying Political Science and Business Administration. He is interested in Russian politics and mobile technologies. He also has some experience of working as a Web Designer. Pavel likes to spend his free time with friends and his girlfriend, chatting with his family, playing computer games and reading news.

lukasLukas Bieber – Director of Secretariat

Lukas Bieber, a German exchange student at AUBG, studying Integrated European Studies in his last year of studies. European issues in particular have caught the interest of Lukas, who was also recently appointed as an External Relations Officer at the AUBG European Society Club early in his life. Therefore, he has gained already various political and intercultural experiences, especially in the German-French relations. International Relations, an important part of his studies, have raised his motivation to concern himself with the institutions and the decisions of the United Nations and have increased his sense for global challenges in general. Being a trainee of a political foundation, operating in Southeastern Europe, Lukas is responsible for the conceptual framework of BLIMUN 2015 and will support the conference and of course the participants with help and advice.

alexAlexandra Polibentseva – Delegate Manager and Web Developer

Alexandra is a third-year student at the American University in Bulgaria. She is majoring in European Politics and Economics, and enjoys every opportunity to explore the world from both perspectives. Her acquaintance with Model United Nations started two years ago when she attended the 5th edition of the BLIMUN conference, and now she is open to any event of this kind, and was part of the Organization Team of the local Model European Union Conference. She is inspired by the process of diplomatic negotiations and considers it to be a great practice of acquiring knowledge and a way to further develop herself. Apart from this, Alexandra is an active participant in all sorts of student clubs, including volunteering organizations, e.g. AIESEC, and exchange programs. She is enthusiastic about ancient civilizations, oenology, writing of stories, and fencing. Alexandra hopes that BLIMUN 2015 is going to be the best experience the honorable delegates have ever had.

dayaDayana Yancheva – Delegate Manager

Dayana Yancheva Yancheva is a senior AUBG student, majoring in Political Science and European Studies. She participates for a second year in the Organizing Team of BLIMUN. Dayana gained a lot of experience in organizing events during her summer internships in corporate affairs, project consultancy, industrial relationships, communication and PR and foreign affairs. Dayana has a great interest in international organizations and relations, so the BLIMUN conference is not an obligation for her, but a valuable experience. She believes that there is nothing more rewarding than the satisfaction of a successful project. She looks forward to meeting all BLIMUN participants in February.

 kostasKonstantinos Giouzakov – Delegate Manager

Kostas is a second semester freshman, enrolled at the American University in Bulgaria. He intends to major in Computer Science and Information Systemw. He was born in Russia, but raised in Greece. Right now, Kostas is participating in a variety of extracurricular activities – Blimun, Musical, American Football and Soccer. Although Kostas is an athletic type, it doesn’t affect his grades at the University. He keeps a good GPA, and also looks for more activities to try out. In his high school years, Kostas was taking part in nearly every activity he could lie his eyes on. He was a member of a rock band, a member of the school’s Student Government, a member of the school’s soccer team ,and also a member of the school’s theater club. After school, he join the Greek marine forces for 9 months, which made him more mature and more ready for new adventures to come. This is his first year in the Blimun club, but he’s very motivated to start arranging the conference project for 2015 and to meet all delegates in the beautiful town of Blagoevgrad!

dafiDafina Tasheva – Delegate Manager

Dafina is a fourth-year student at the Medical University of Sofia. Her speciality is Pharmacy. Dafina was born and raised in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. She speaks 3 languages besides her native Bulgarian – English, German and French. She lives,works and studies in Sofia. She was part of BPhSA, an organization of the Bulgarian Pharmacy students. She has organized interesting lectures in the Faculty of Pharmacy and different events such as ”A Day of Healthy Eating” , “Against Diabetes Day”, and “Sun Protection Day”.

Regarding her future development, Dafina hopes to make a groundbreaking discovery one day and to change the world. She was part of BLIMUN 2013 as a guest, which has motivated her to become part of the organization. She hopes that she will be helpful as a Delegate Manager in BLIMUN 2015.

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