Blagoevgrad is a small university town in Southwestern Bulgaria, encompassing more than 75 thousand inhabitants. The environment is student-friendly, offering a wide range of cafes and restaurants, as well as a bunch of night clubs for those seeking entertainment and respite from exams. Safe and quiet, Blagoevgrad is also suitable for the total involvement in studies, thanks to the facilities of the American University in Bulgaria.

AUBG is a classic American liberal arts university with a mission to offer “the opportunity to get a modern, increasingly high-tech American-style education in an Eastern European setting”. AUBG strives to be one of the top-ranked universities in the Eastern Europe. Not only are the downtown Blagoevgrad and the old quarter good places to wander for hours, but also the other tourist attractions in the region, “such as the Rila Monastery, the spa town of Sandanski, and the Seven Lakes in the Rila Mountain” will leave you breathless. With a bus or train, one can travel to Sofia or to the east coast of Bulgaria, or even to other countries like Greece and Turkey. The climate is warm, providing for long summers and mild winters with almost no rain and snow. The terrain of the Rila hills surrounding the town suspend the cold winds coming from the north. However, typically for Bulgaria, the climate in Blagoevgrad is volatile with the temperature hitting 30 degrees Celsius in August and falling to -15 degrees in December.

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